Pedal The Ridge is a group of volunteers who try to promote cycling and bicycle events in Northeast Arkansas. Our staff comes primarily from Paragould and Jonesboro, Arkansas. Both cities share a love for cycling and have large communities of riders.

First organized by Dr. Brady Allman in 2005, our cycling event has changed a great deal over the last fifteen years. Pedal The Ridge was originally called, "The Ridge Ride," and later became the "Iron Caboose," when it was a part of the Downtown Paragould Loose Caboose Festival.

2015 saw the ride return as an independent entity, with a name change to better indicate that we are an bicycle event, rather than motorcycle (our area is home to several motorcycle poker rides). 2016 was the first year that Pedal The Ridge began a partnership with the Greene County Future Fund to sponsor family-friendly green spaces in our area.

Pedal The Ridge continues to serve Northeast Arkansas and encourages outdoor, family-focused activities.